Most 40+ adults are fat & drink to much 😱

Eight in 10 middle-aged Britons 'are overweight or exercise too little'

- The guardian 

‘83 per cent of 40 to 60 year olds are obese’, health research concludes

- Crawley observer 

80% of middle-aged adults at risk of disease because of lifestyle

- The independent 

Health curse of the middle aged: 80% are now 'overweight, lazy or drink too much' as they worry about their children, ageing parents or work

- Mail online

  • Officials say those in the 40 to 60 age group are neglecting their health 

  • Some 83 per cent have poor lifestyle habits, according to a major study

  • Around 63 per cent of women and 77 per cent of men are now 

This has taken the news by storm today 28th December 2016 and its alarming.

The reasoning changes between news papers but one standout reason seems to be our worry of looking after the kids health and education over our own.

Poor lifestyle choices from food to drink or sacrificing our own fitness for our children.

Some 83 per cent have poor lifestyle habits, a major analysis by Public Health England and Oxford University academics has found.

The daily mail wrote:-

This includes 63 per cent of women and 77 per cent of men who are overweight, with nearly a third of each sex classified as obese.

Almost a third of women and a quarter of men are inactive, which is defined as doing less than 30 minutes of exercise a week.

And a fifth of women and a third of men exceed the recommended weekly alcohol intake of 14 units, equivalent to six 175ml glasses of wine or six pints.

Only 13 per cent of middle-aged men and 21 per cent of women are a healthy weight, physically active and do not drink too much.

I find these statistics very sad and the government find that it will take more than 30 years to even try and get the U.K. Back on track.

Do you want to be this statistic?

That overweight person who can't play with their kid in the park?

No, so let's do something about it.

I have lots of free advice in my blogs for getting fit for free, so don't let money be your excuse!!

If you want help get in contact

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Professor Sir Muir Gray, an expert in public health at Oxford University, said:

‘The demands of modern-day living are taking their toll on the health of the nation, and it’s those in middle age that are suffering the consequences most, as their health reaches worrying new levels.

‘Busy lives and desk jobs make it difficult to live healthily. But just making a few small changes will have significant benefits to people’s health now and in later life.’

Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies said: 

‘With being overweight now the norm in England, lifestyle choices, such as what we eat and drink, are increasingly impacting on health and people’s quality of life. There is no better time for people to start making the changes needed to live a healthier life.’

Obesity is defined as having a body mass index (BMI) of above 30, while people higher than 25 are classed as overweight.

A 5ft 6in (1.70m) woman weighing 13st 7lb (86kg) or more would be considered obese, while if she weighed 11st 4lb (72kg) she would be overweight.

Remember we are here to help you

Coach T

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