The Guide you need to stay healthy over the Christmas period

The Guide you need to stay healthy over the Christmas periodThe Guide you need to stay healthy over the Christmas period

Hey I’m Coach T, head coach here at UltraCore fitness based in Haywards Heath Sussex. Are you wondering how to stay on track over this festive season?

Well, I have some tips and ideas to keep you on track, along with some great recipes that I am going to share with you completely free of charge. Think of it as a Christmas gift from UltraCore Fitness.

Friends, Family & Work parties all make it seem impossible to keep on track and that easy option of “I’ll start fresh in January” is so tempting and a easy picking.

Starting it off with breakfast Kicking your day off with a great breakfast is a sure way to start the day right.

Porridge, egg on toast or maybe an allowable cooked breakie.

I’ve included some great breakfast recipe’s

Don’t neglect your training

Keeping to a training schedule can help keep the lbs off, keep you strong and on track over the festive period.

Plan your Holiday fitness schedule for the next 8 weeks leading into the new year.

We have included a simple printable 8 week planner you can use below.

8 week fitness planner - simple and free

Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated whilst drinking

Let’s not pretend that we are going to sail through the festive season without a little drink on a night out in celebration.

So making a good effort to stay hydrated before and after any event is key

.Making a big effort to ensure you drink at least 2 - 3litres water per day, including herbal teas, diluted juice and even tea’s and coffee can be part of the total. Staying hydrated can help keep headaches away and get you back on track sometimes straight after the night out...Be sensible, have fun and keep it to that night with a view to get straight back on it after.

Sensible Snaking -

Don’t turn up to a party hungry.

Always eat before you go to a party or a friends house, if you have some good snacks before going you won’t indulge on party food.

We have some great ideas of some pre-party snacks for you.

1. Banana PancakesSo quick and easy, 2 bananas & two eggs mixed together and cooked in coconut oil 2. Peanut Butter, Jam & banana on toast

This is not as disgusting as it sounds, its a great filler before a night out & the the ingredients help with lining the stomach pre-drinking.

The above snacks are under the assumption you have eaten a full lunch or dinner pre-party or event.

Don’t go saving yourself for the party food as your over indulge and most probably start drinking on a empty stomach. If you hit the part buffet go for salad and proteins, fill your plate so you don’t graze all night long.

80 / 20 Rule to stay on track

This rule doesn’t just apply to festive periods…it’s all year round!

Sticking to a well-planned diet that meets your energy and nutrient requirements 80% of the time, allows you to enjoy a treat the remaining 20%.

This is not only good for you mentally, but you’re also more likely to stick to a diet and healthy lifestyle if you reward yourself every now and then.

Give it a go this Christmas, and if you’re like me and love a mince pie, reward yourself so long as you’ve trained hard and eaten well the majority of the time.

Commit to the next year

Not so much a new year resolution that lasts January and maybe February, but make some goals for the year. 1. Book a couple of races for the year, maybe get them as presents from loved ones instead of stuff you might not use. 2. Commit to a year of fitness with a local fitness club, like us.. We have some amazing deals coming upto Christmas and plenty of classes to keep you interested and on track. Check out our website 3. Take some before pictures at the start of your journey so you can track your progress

4. Set some self image goals, these could be measurements or a dress size you’d like to fit in.

We can help with this, so pop us a message and we could arrange a consultation.

Our clients have made some great progress this year and we can not wait to tackle next year with them.

Probably the most important tip is to enjoy yourself over the festive season, as that is what Christmas is all about!

Yes you can have a drink. Yes you can eat unhealthy food. Yes you can stay up late.

The important thing is to be sensible and know your limits so you don’t get carried away. Train hard, don’t skip meals, eat a variety of colourful and nutritious food, keep hydrated, and you can enjoy your Christmas pudding without feeling like you’ll turn into one!


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