Headaches, Cravings & energy levels some advice from me Coach T

When following a nutritional plan is off your normal eating habits, then expect some side effects.

I have given some of my own advice below and i hope you find it helpful.

So, Headaches first...

This can honestly be very common for a number of reasons and it will pass, I have experienced it during the test of the nutritional plan and past plans I have been part of.

Lack of sugar - If you had a sugary diet in the past, then headaches are a common backlash while your body adjusts to gaining that immediate energy from elsewhere, namely low GI carbs and Fat stores & this will pass guys normally at most after two weeks, however, if it doesn't then please contact your GP for advice

Change of energy source can be a player in mood swings, energy levels and them pesky headaches, your body is adapting and sometimes that causes headaches. Even if you had a healthy food plan before this particular plan the change over to a much lower carb intake changes your body's energy source from carb fueled to a fat Ketosis burning state.

Bear with it guys, it will pass.

Ok, so hopefully that have covered headaches and mood swings.

Let's chat about cravings..........

Sugary drink, chocolate bar, croissant, bread, cakes, pastry & biscuits....

These are all banned from the plan and they may have been either a heavy part of your previous food habits or just the occasional treat and now you're denying your body of them and man do you want them so badly.

Biscuits are my downfall but this first 4 week is important guys to keep to the plan as strictly as possible and within them calories, while your body changes over... The best way to beat these are by tricking your body....

Fruit is a great craving buster, smoothie or even a sneaky treat meal that is off the plan but still super healthy, for instance, i would consider an off the plan but a healthy meal to be Steak with loads of veg and maybe half a small sweet potato or 10g of couscous.

Don't let it beat you, load up on some fruit and use a variety, pick a recipe from our FREE range or Recipe book just to mix it up.

Energy Level,

Ok, so this one can be tricky as everyone is different, i have mentioned already that the change over to the plan can make you feel a little lethargic but that should not last past a week, so a few things may need to change or be checked.....

SLEEP 8 hours at least, maybe not every night but if you consecutively have under 8 hours your going to burn out.... I know, i go months on 5-6 hours sleep and then everything goes to pot......

This sleep can even include a few sneaky naps, although not always possible i know, but do not compromise sleep every day, even if it means missing an early class..

UNDER-EATING, You may want to lose weight or tone up but majorly under-eating is not going to help you, if going for weight lose then you want to aim for no more than a calorie deficit of 3500 / 4000 calories a week.

We base the overall deficit over a week to allow more movement per day when training, for instance, on a training day for me i would consume nearly 3,200 calories but on a non training day 2,000 calories.

If your tiredness remains over 14 days, consider an extra 100/200 calories a day and see if you perk up......

OVER-DOING IT. We have lots of classes ladies and Gents and some opportunity for you to easy get two classes in per day and awesome effort when you do smash two out but this is not always beneficial to you and you need to listen to your body.

You can train 6 days per week easy with a bigger rest period of maybe 3 classes on week 4.

Cutting down to 2 or 3 classes for a week when you normally training 5 times is a great way to recover and you will feel so much better for it.

I am here to help guys and believe me i know the struggles life can chuck at us, i know the excuses and hurdles that become in our way, so if you want my help please please message me and i should be able to steer you in the right direction.

Lets keep going, or get started!!!

If you want to know more about our nutritional plans or classes then get in contact today train@ultracore-fitness.co.uk

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