Binge drinking and drug taking parties a distant memory...

I am a father of two, Roma my daughter is 8 and Athos my son is 5. I am also partner to my beautiful fiancé Tammy for just over 10 years. Recently, we have been looking at our lives and seeking a better way to manage them.

Now I am getting closer to 40 and with my partner already hitting that milestone it is surely time to start making a change to old habits, which there are many, and teaching new tricks to an old dog.

Well not that old but not exactly young either. The kind of in between stage where you have to work harder to keep the pounds off, you need to think smarter about exercise and what your body needs. You need to give your mind the strength to deal with the day to day pressures of life, whatever they may be. The days of binge drinking and drug taking parties a distant memory.

Now we are grown-ups, we are responsible for little people, we have to recalibrate our way of thinking. Become less selfish, I say less because we still need to keep some things to ourselves but it becomes a negotiation rather than a prerequisite. That’s why working as a team when it comes to your family is so important.

You need to be willing to compromise on certain aspects of your lives, this of course is a two way street. However, this also applies to every aspect of your life, not just at home but also at work. But I don’t mean with your work, but how you manage the way you work. Getting to work, managing your work, dealing with stress, commuting for instance.

These are all things which many of us struggle with.

This is why I decided to ditch the tube and conduct walk and talk conference calls.

Commuting & Fitness

I work up in London and commute from Hassocks every day, and unfortunately yes this means I get to enjoy the dreaded Southern Rail train line.

This often means, delays, cramped trains, and generally a horrible start to the day. Just when you arrive in London and hope of it getting easier, it is in fact the opposite. It normally means ques of angry frustrated people trying to get to the underground where there is daily overcrowding. Some would say a dog eat dog environment.

This is not how I want to start my day anymore. I have been commuting for over 10 years in to London and the stress it creates on top of my work finally got me to melting point. 7

I decided it was time to make a change with EXERCISE.

I recently started training with UltraCore fitness.

I have a personal training session with Terry on a Friday lunch time, of which I now work from home.

I also have a 6:15 Wednesday morning Kettlecise training session before I get the train and in between I am swimming at the triangle.

I have never felt better. BUT, I didn’t stop there. I wanted to take it up a notch and see how far I could take this journey and that is why I actively chose to ditch the tube, walk to meetings and conduct walk and talk conference calls.

My new exercise regime spurred me on to do something my partner has been encouraging me to do for years but I stupidly wouldn’t listen. I walk from Victoria station to Great Titchfield street via Green Park and Hyde Park and then cut across the bottom of Marylebone or if I have enough time carry straight up to Regents park and cut across the top of Marylebone to get to the office.

It takes me 60 minutes or 90 minutes respectively speaking dependent upon which route I take. If I am short on time, that is ok, I have a 40 minute back up route which takes me about the same time as it would if I took the tube, phew.. but I NEVER default back to the tube. I do the same back after work completely avoiding public transport of any kind.

I conduct conference calls during this time when ordinarily I would be stuck on a packed tube somewhere getting stressed out, angry and not doing any work of any kind. If it is sunny great, if it is raining I take a rain coat. It doesn’t matter to me. I am out and about, more creative, more energetic, dealing with work pressure better and generally more motivated in life. I am getting to see the beautiful city which is London, it is amazing what you see when you just walk and open your eyes. Seeing people getting on with their daily lives and the world around you. Surely this is better for my soul than a cramped tunnel.

I have noticed that I now give people more of my attention and focus both at work and at home. To top it all off I am looking after my body, mind and soul so much better than I have every done before. I now average around 20 kiolmeters a day walking (around 24,000 steps) and I am swimming 30 kilometers a month on top of my training with Ultra Core fitness. I have never felt stronger. I never thought I could make this work but I just got better at managing my time, having a better attitude and taking a different approach to life, breaking those old habits. It is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks J and all made possible through exercise and a better attitude and approach to life.

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