Will Pokemon Go help you to get up and ‘Go’?

Don’t let that cute yellow creature and his friends get away. With the new Pokemon Go craze sweeping the nation it is hard not to be intrigued and it is time to turn this game into a new fitness friend. As a child of the 80’s/90’s I am familiar with the Pokemon brand including card swapping, which swept through my school and Ant and Dec bringing an element of fun to the cartoon on a Saturday morning. So it brings a sense of comfort and melancholy with this new format.

The free app is easy to download and with the fun aspect of this game being a key part of getting people on their feet, it brings together gaming and fitness. These two opposites are not often associated with one another, but the Pokemon Go phenomenon puts them firmly in one anothers proverbial court and it seems to be proving a good match.

However much fun this is (and it is a lot of fun) Pokemon Go will not make you thin, but may help with those first difficult steps of actually getting out there and starting to inject some exercise into your weekly routine. There have been reports that gamers are now walking up to 6km more a week thanks to this game, which can only be a positive (although this is time spent looking at a screen). At least this time is not spent lying on a sofa and then staring at a screen.

So, there isn’t really too much to lose if you are trying to muster up some enthusiasm to get on that fitness wagon. Give Pokemon Go a try. It may just surprise you!

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