10 Top Tips on how to plan your exercise classes and find out what works for you!

Before I start I want to make it very clear that if you want this to work, it needs to be about YOU and how fitness can work around YOUR life.

At UltraCore Fitness we know that it can be difficult to juggle day-to-day commitments and family, but in order for this to take effect you may need to make a few minor adjustments. This can include varying your classes and places of fitness to give yourself the best shot at availability that fits into your life.

We love all of our members for their outstanding commitment and loyalty to Ultra Fitness, but if the class they are attending isn’t working out for them or we cannot help, then we would help to find them another fitness class or training programme that better suits their needs. We believe in honesty and helping people to do what is right for them. Not what is right for us!

So, let's get to these Top Tips and how to make fitness work for you:

1. Plan out your week

To get started, get a weekly calendar and plot your basic week out.

Include work, clubs, dinners and social time and see what is available. Now that it is layed out in front of you, it is clearer to see which sessions are free and where exercise slots could be fitted in.

2. Search fitness classes in your area – its easy!

Google fitness classes *Haywards Heath and look at (or print) class timetables. Don't be afraid to try something new and take-up the offer of any free class trials to help you discover which ones suit you the most. You may be surprised!

*example of town

3. Plan the classes

Add these classes into your new schedule and don't worry about mixing it up each week. For those that have shifts or where no week is the same, varying classes are a great way to make sure you do some fitness.

Fitness classes in Haywards Heath including Zumba and HIIT

Fitness class membership deals

4. Commitment

Book classes in advance, buy block bookings or consider a membership to save money. This also helps you stay committed and will ensure you attend classes to get your monies worth. Going with a friend can be a great way to stay committed too!

5. Make friends

Fitness classes are an amazing way to make life-long new friendships, so don't be afraid to talk to other members. Seeing and speaking to people on a regular basis at a fitness class is also a great morale booster and most people are looking to make new friends that will share their fitness hobby or interest.

Most companies like Ultracore Fitness have a private Facebook page where members can give each other support and encouragement, also getting the latest updates.

6. Don't over do it

It is easy to become over keen or sucked into doing multiple classes per day, every day. As with all things in life there is a perfect balance and you don’t want to end up becoming burnt out having to take weeks off. Be sensible with your classes for a better, and more consistent level of fitness.

If your a beginner and getting back into exercise, then start slow with a class a week, mixed in with some moderate walks. For more intermediate abilities, start with 2 classes a week building Up to 3 or 4. Most importantly listen to your body.

to much and over done it!

7. Account for a missed session

They happen! Alarm didn't go off. Work overran. Emergency with the kids etc etc etc. Don't dwell on missing a fitness session as these things happen, but simply look at alternatives like a home workout or head out for a run.

8. Making time for exercise

make time for exercise

Exercise doesn’t have to be hours of grueling fitness everyday and you can now get some HIIT workouts that can be done in as little as 15 minutes. Anything goes and we really do have fitness on our doorstep, so go for a run or walk, or if you prefer to stay in then consider homework DVDs like T25 by Insanity.

Our members have access to mini home work sheets that they can do before bed, at lunch or even on holiday!

9. Reject excuses

It is easy to come up with a reason not to be active – too busy, too tired, no money. Most of these are excuses not to do some fitness, but are easy to overcome by stepping outside your front door. Don’t let this negative doubt get in the way of a happier and healthier you.

10. Turn everyday activities into something active

For just a small amount of time and effort, we can turn some simple daily tasks into healthier activities. Here are just a few examples:

Walk to the park instead of driving

Cycle to work

Use the stairs rather than getting the lift

Park outside the town centre and walk in when you go shopping. Coach Ruthie and I do this on every visit to Brighton by parking 3 miles away and walk in with the kids!

Last tip is to ask for help if you need it!!


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