True turning point in my life - I'm now going to FIGHT!

My name is Lucy Saunders and 2016 has been a true turning point in my life with the help of Ultracore Fitness and its members.

Sadly my children's friend Digby was diagnosed with Leukemia and after a long, extremely hard battle we lost him in 2013.

He was a lovely young lad that never stopped smiling right to the end and the courage that his parents and he showed was inspirational. Since that day I have been wanting to do something for charity but never been quite fit enough or headstrong to be able too.

Other friends have also been affected by Cancer since and I'm glad to say that they all have won their battle but it really pushed me to want to help, it also made me look long and hard at the fact I had been abusing my body for years!

UltraCore Fight night - Lucy Saunders

The decision was made I was going to get fit and healthy and hopefully do some good in the process. I joined Ultracore and have now signed up for a 5K and 10K run and also signed up for UWCB - embarking on an intense 8-week training program and finishing off with a Fight Night at The Grand Hotel in Brighton on 3/7/2016.

It would be great if you could support me along the way, donating to my just giving page but also maybe coming to watch the fight.

Tickets are £20 each and I will be selling them from next week up until the fight - it would be great to have members of Ultracore cheering me on.

Donating is easy to just visit my page -any donations great or small would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks for your time Lucy xxx

I want to quickly say that i am so proud of Lucy and how far she has come since joining our beginners run club only 9 weeks ago! Since i've learnt a lot about her above story and very proud to be supporting her efforts as much as we can!

Lucy now attends 3/4 classes a week with 1 personal training session along with 2 run sessions and crazy hardcore training with her UWCB Crew!

That there is dedication ladies and gentleman and shows her commitment to do her bit for the charity!!!

Don't be shy and pop her a donation over or book and see her fight!!!!

Come on lets support our fellow UltraCore Member!

Coach T

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