BM10K - Post baby and I did not think i could do it!


Well, I did it!! Brighton marathon 10km done! It wasn't as fast as last year, by quite a lot but I completed it which I had thought there was a possibility of not doing!

I'm not a competitive person against other people, never have been and from experience I don't think it always brings out people's best side, however, being competitive against myself I REALLY am!!!

I find it hard to go for a plod, I always want to improve and I always want to see good results!! So, being five months post baby, having a baby who likes to get up a lot of feeds and therefore giving very sleepless nights, having done no training at all for the event and also only having done one 10km run back in January you can see how hard I was going to find today!!!

The lead up to it was tough, the day was tough, the run was tough!!! But it's done and I completed it in a respectable 1.01!

Having said all this, I had two very proud moments when I got to see my gorgeous boys waiting and cheering me on.

Running with my partner in crime got me through it and I owe it to him for getting me to the finish line for sure!

After the race, we were sat enjoying a spot of breakfast in the sunshine by the sea and it suddenly hit me just how incredible the human body is!!

There I was, not long after giving birth naturally but then ending up in theatre, completed a 10km run and now feeding my baby!! I mean that's what is amazing to me, not the time that I took (clearly not) but the fact our bodies are capable of healing, creating food for another person and also running all at the same time!!

Am I proud of my achievement?? I'd say relieved, proud, a little gutted to see a slower time (I told you!!) and also totally pooped!!!

Beleive in yourself

Coach Ruthie

Next Stop Worthing 10km!!!!

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