Lamb chops and lime cous cous - 30 Minute creative meal

Tasty real fast meal to beat the boredom of this impression of healthy means plain! .

Time needed is 30 minutes

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Veg can be varied if you prefer something a little different than shown!


2 - 3 lamb chops

Whole Wheat cous cous 30g-80g (dependant on needs)

Rosemary fresh or dried

Rock salt in grinder

olive oil 2 tbsp

Butter 1tsp

Asparagus 3 stems

carrots 2 large

cherry tomatoes 5

Baby corns 3

chicken stock fresh 50ml and replace with hot water needed or use a gel shop brought

1 lime or lemon even both

How to cook:

Pre Heat oven at 170 degrees

Brush 1tbsp olive oil over the lamb chops all over and sprinkle light covering of rsomary

place on a non stick baking try on middle self an cook for 20-25 mins

Prep your veg while in chops cook in oven

Peel carrots and cut long ways into small long strips and set aside

Cut Baby corn pieces in half and set aside

Cut 2cm off base of the asparagus and set aside

Prep Cous Cous

Choose your serving amount of cous cous and measure in a beaker or jug and take note as boiling water will be used equalling this measurement.

Grate half the rind (Outer skin) of the lime or lemon into the dry cous cous mix, then cut and squeeze 1/4 of the juice into the mix.

add the tsp of butter and the shop brought stock. (fresh stock is heated and used instead of water)

COOK VEG 15 minute point (10 mins left for chops)

Heat a large frying pan with remaining 1tbsp of olive oil and add the carrots, asparagus and corn, once sizzling lower heat and add tomatoes after 5 minutes.

Keep an eye on the asparagus and lower heat further if they start to brown, optionally add a l

id on the pan to cook the veg faster on a lower heat.

At this point boil the kettle or heat the fresh homemade stock, once ready equal the amount of water as cous cous to the cous cous mix in a small bowl and place a lid over the top and allow to sit after stiring all the mix together.

PLATE IT UP After 5 minutes the cous cous should be ready!

Place the cous cous on a warm plate and spread to cover 1/4 of the plate, remove chops from oven and place on cous cous adding any juice in the pan over the chops and cous cous.

Remove veg from pan and place neatly on plate

MEAL COMPLETE Enjoy and let us know how it was


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