It's a mental and physical game for me.... Post Baby Running?

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Wow, so getting back into this running thing is certainly a journey!!

Last week I became another year younger so I had a birthday Personal training session and run session.

"If I'm honest I really didn't think I would find it this hard to run again after having a baby!"

Well after an outburst of "I just can't do it" in the pt session followed by baby Archie needing a feed we left for our run.....

Hmmm, it didn't go well! We aborted after less than a km!! There was nothing that would get my sorry arse round that run. I literally felt like I had nothing in me and my legs were not moving!! I was gutted! Truly gutted. Tears and tantrums later we decided walking back into the village for a cuppa was the best plan!

I just couldn't do it and it felt awful.

If I'm honest I really didn't think I would find it this hard to run again after having a baby!

I've struggled since to get my head into a good positive place where I'm thinking I can do it instead of I can't.


Today was the day to try a 10km! And I did it!! It was obviously much slower than I could do before but I did it! The first 6km I felt comfortable the last 4km I thought Terry would need to drag me home!!

I certainly felt the lack of power in my legs however boy am I pleased I made it to 10km!!!

It's a mental and physical game for me at the moment but luckily I have amazing support from an amazing coach and boyfriend so Im sure I'll get there!! I WILL GET THERE!!

So to everyone out there who like me have had those awful days where you just don't think you're improving, you can't do it or you won't achieve your goal...... YOU CAN DO IT!! Put those thoughts in a box and put your bad run down to an experience that will help you progress and be safe in the knowledge you're not alone having a bad run or a difficult time getting out there.... we all have them!!!

Happy running peeps!!

Ruthie xxx

If you need any help getting more active or need a run plan, get in contact

Coach T

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