"I found myself wanting to get fit "

Emma's Story on a new found love for running and we at UltraCore had the pleasure to be part of it.

Emma's journey:-

Until recently I have never really understood why people love exercising. The health benefits are obvious but I've never really got why people can be evangelical about it. If you'd told me six months ago that I would be going running three times a week for more than an hour I would have laughed at you!

"My best friend suggested I join the UltraCore beginners run club I nearly said no"

Whilst growing up I was active, going cycling and playing some netball at school but I never really thought I was good at it and as I reached my teenage years I wasn’t doing anything much in terms of exercise. I had a few bouts of going to the gym in my twenties but these would last a few months and then I'd get bored.

Now in my thirties and having had my second child eighteen months previously I found myself wanting to get fit. I was overweight and feeling self-conscious about that and had started thinking in particular about what kind of body image message I was teaching my daughters. I want to teach them that it's important to eat healthily and that exercise is normal and fun and I know I wasn’t delivering on that. From a totally personal point of view, I wanted to lose a bit of weight but mostly I wanted to feel more energetic, stronger and more in control of my own body after spending the last nearly five years being pregnant, breastfeeding, and being very sleep deprived!

When my best friend suggested I join the UltraCore beginners run club I nearly said no. Thankfully all the ramblings above had been going round in my head for long enough that I signed up, I am so grateful that I did.

I love a plan so being on a course with other beginners was ideal for me.

"I lost inches from my midsection that had never budged through dieting before "

The weeks started to tick by and as I followed the plan to the letter and worked as hard as I could at each of the coached sessions, I really started to see an improvement. I could tell I was getting fitter and that every run (even the bad ones with very heavy legs) was contributing to me feeling stronger and more confident as a runner. I started reading articles about running, tried to remember all the tips I was being taught about breathing, posture, step length uphill.

Throughout this time I was also concentrating on eating better, no fad diets and no absolute restrictions, just focusing on eating slightly smaller portions and making sure what I was eating was healthy and as my runs got longer I didn’t want to consume the same calories I'd just burnt off by munching a mars bar!

As a result I starting losing weight and my body shape really changed, I lost inches from my midsection that had never budged through dieting before and the confidence boost that gave me just spurred me on to keep improving my running. Overall I have lost 22lbs since starting running.

Once the beginner’s course was finished I signed up straight away for the improver’s course and enjoyed it just as much. That took me from running 5km to 10km and that's where I am now. I am following an UltraCore running plan that Coach T has put together for me (I still love a plan!) and have signed up for two 10km events this year and am hoping to keep improving and post a PB at each event.

"Did I really just do that 10km run this morning!!"

I fit my runs around my family and often go out very early (my earliest start was 4.45am!) or in the evening but I love this side of it, it's the time of day when you wouldn’t be doing anything else (well, maybe sleeping but I do try and go to bed a little earlier!) and it’s the only real "me time" I get where I can just think about random things and it's just all about me, my stronger body, and the rhythm of my run. It’s strange but sometimes when I've been out running really early and then done the school drop-off I think "did I really just do that 10km run this morning!!" Maybe it's going to take a little while longer to convince my psyche that I'm a runner now!!

I can't recommend running and the courses I've done enough now, I am certainly one of those people who is evangelical about it, and I'm pretty sure that's the ways it's going to be from now on. I am so happy to be able to show my girls that exercise is fun and just a normal part of our lives and I am super proud of all I've done so far - watch out 2016, I'm coming to get you!!

Emma x

If your interested in starting running or want to improve you running, then get contact us today.

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