2.Jogging / Running part of: 5 Ways to get active and fitter for free!

Yes, you can get active for free! We've been posting our top 5 ways to get active and here is number:-

2. Jogging / Running


Getting out of the door and jogging down the road can be a daunting thought.

From worries that you won't be fast enough to "Are people looking at me?" or past experience of Injury or not being able to get faster or gain any great distance.

All of this is controllable and easily overcome and can be FREE!

Taking it slow is key and we have a complete walk to run guide made specifically for beginners by our ‪#‎runengland‬ Coach T - Personal Trainer

Simply request your free plan here:- http://www.ultracore-fitness.co.uk/#!contact-ultracore/c2q4

All you need is suitable trainers (a free what to wear guide will be sent too) Suitable clothing and a route to run!

Make it an adventure, listen to music and most of all take it easy to start with!

Running apps are a great way to record improvement, measure distance and let you know how great you've done! Our suggested app is Strava and can be downloaded from ITunes here:- https://appsto.re/gb/fPnCz.i

Once you have the running bug a great free event is ParkRun a organised 5km event at a park near you held on Saturdays, all the information can be found here:- http://www.parkrun.org.uk

Remember take it slow, walk if needed and take nice deep breaths!

Oh and the only people looking at you are the ones that know how great it is to run and other that want to start running.

If you have any questions let me know and I'll help if I can.

Let us know about your first run and if this article helped you by posting to our facebook page. www.facebook.com/sussexultracorefitness

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