5 Ways to get active and fitter for free!

I'm Coach T and I've selected 5 ways you can get more active and fitter for FREE!!!!

1. Walking... Yep, simple. It's free Walk to the shops, school run or even to work if it's possible. Or even better make it some you time and explore. Here's a link for walk routes around Sussex. http://www.walkinginsussex.co.uk/index.php

2. Jogging / Running Nothing beats going out for a run, be it 10 minutes or an hour. A great way to lose weight, explore and feel amazing For a free "walk to run" plan by me Coach T, just pop to our website and request one. www.ultracore-fitness.co.uk Also check out ParkRun a free organised event every Saturday at a park near you http://www.parkrun.org.uk

3. Park Gyms Available at most parks, these bits of kit can get you active and fit in a safe manner. Check out mid-Sussex website for locations and free demonstrations. http://www.midsussex.gov.uk/leisure/8800.htm

4.Bike ride Back to our childhood, well that was the last time I got on mine until I started using it to commute to work. It's a fast mode of transport and gets fitness levels rocketing. Check to see if your employer has a "bike to work" scheme in place http://www.bike2workscheme.co.uk

5. Home workout In the comfort of your own or garden or even venture to a park or friends house as a group. Tons of safe follow plans on YouTube or google but I highly recommend an app called Sworkit. It's free and easy to use with demonstrations available on the phone. Check it out https://appsto.re/gb/-VlBF.i

Hope this helps and do not let money stop you from getting healthier and more active.

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