Supporting "HEART MONTH" with

Coach T's

26,2 Mile High Street run!

20th February 2016 - 11:30am

To continue our support for "Heart Month" raising awarness to the benifits of a healthier and more active lifestle, UltraCore's Coach T is going to run the length of Haywards High street 84 times to equal 26.2 Miles


Haywards Heath Heart Foundation Shop are supporting us on the day and will be our base camp for sponsorship drops and point to help and run with Coach T


The aim is to get everyone’s attention and awareness needed to be more active!!!
We shall be giving you tops tips on how to get more active for FREE in a takeaway leaflet as well as the opportunity to get stuck in and join him on a lap or two on the day.


WHY 26.2 Miles?
This distance best known as a Marathon is a great challenge and our Coach has chosen this distance because he has never ran that far!!
What our Coach say's:-
I hear so many excuses of why people don’t exercise or don’t give it a try and the biggest excuse or reason I hear is "because I’ve never done it before" well I want to prove that just because  you think you can’t do it, it does not mean you can’t do it.

Yes I’m a run coach and personal trainer but 26.1 miles has never been a distance that’s interested me, however as a challenge, yes lets smash it.
Hope you can help support me on the day and click that donate button, see you on the 20th.
Coach T